ezRouter CNC Router News April 17th, 2014............

Never Used a CNC Router Before?
It was no problem for these guys.........


Wesley Scott the Sales Manager at Archways & Ceilings in Grand Prairie, TX sent us some photos of the first project they did with their new 4'x10' ezRouter CNC router with a 3KW HSD Spindle and vacuum bed.cnc router arcade desk

This is the email we received from Scott.


We have never operated a CNC Router before so this is our first go at it. We decided the only way we were going to learn was by doing. So first thing first, we noticed that the Ez Router needed a desk to house the computer and to work from. We then decided on a retro arcade style desk and the rest was easy. We designed all the parts of the desk in sketchup and then imported them into VCarve. This allowed us to learn and get better acquainted with the Vcarve program. Every piece of the desk came off the EZ Router. It was a great project to learn the capabilities of the EZ Router and we are very pleased with our investment. We have been having way too much fun with it.”

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