Add-Ons and Options

Expand the tasks our CNC routing systems can perform for your business, art or hobby with any number of these accessories and standard feature upgrades.

Dust Collection Systems

Better shop air quality with cust collection to meet your needs on ez Router CNC machines.Provide everyone in your shop with a better, healthier work environment with the appropriate sized dust collection system to meet your CNC router and production level needs. This option will eliminate airborne dust completely. The system is controlled through your software and operates at 110/220v. There are many sizes available, so all you need to do is inquire and we'll make sure you have the right dust system to accommodate your individual requirements.

Vacuum Hold Down System

Get complete control on your material for the most precise CNC routing.Say goodbye to material movement! The ez Router vacuum hold down system can be customized to your applications without loss of precision or productivity. We have many pump sizes available, allowing us to match the vacuum pressure to your materials and applications very simply.

All our vacuum hold down systems will be setup with independent zoning to convert all suction only in the area you need it.

DC Brushless Motors

Increase your performance with top quality CNC router add-ons from ez Router.Power at your fingertips! This is an excellent upgrade option for high production shops and all other applications where time is money or simple brute force is needed. Upgrading to a DC brushless system adds a lot of power and increases cut speeds to our already exceptional standard ez Router CNC machines.

Here's where you get into having the capability of cut speeds in excess 1500 inches per minute. Production, precision and profitability in overdrive.


Keeps CNC machine all lines, wires, hoses and etc. protected and secured.Heavy duty cable track carrier that keeps all wires, lines, air hoses and etc. protected and secured from catching on any close objects while the CNC machine is in motion.

E-Chains are available on X, Y and Z axises, along with being a great cosmetic option on any CNC system in the workplace.

4th Axis Rotary - 4 inch Diameter

Keeps CNC machine all lines, wires, hoses and etc. protected and secured.Allows efficiently produced shapes and letters.

Manually sets up to 4 inch External Chuck

Cantilever design – mounted to  Routing Machine .

Dual direction rotation

Spindle Upgrades

Better precision and longer equipment life on CNC routers with spindle upgrade options.Achieve a better cut quality, faster cutting speeds and longer tool life with out high frequency spindle upgrade options. Your choices range from 4 to 30 horsepower, with upper and lower precision bearings and DC brushless motors.

A spindle's lifetime will surpass a standard router, saving you money in the long run. Not to mention increasing your productivity and profitability from day one. Both HBC and Colombo spindles are available.

Automatic Tool Changer

Wasting time and production for manual tool changes isn't in the high production shop's best interest. Our Scorpion CNC routers were designed with your speed, action and accuracy outlook in mind. You have the option of adding automatic tool changers on any of our high speed Scorpion router models, and equipped to handles as many tools as your applications and customer orders need. When it comes to saving time and costs while increasing quality and profitability, you can always rely on ez Router.

Combination CNC Systems

Ready to offer customers a few more applications? You don't have to buy a whole different CNC machine to make that happen.

Since ez Router is a CNC manufacturer, we can create combo units for you from any of our distinct types of machines. Choose the two that will do you the most good from: CNC router, Oxy-Fuel or plasma CNC cutter. We'll pair them up in a special combo configuration especially for you.

Get two lines of production from the same CNC machine at ez Router.Broaden your shop's task capabilities with an ez Router combo CNC machine.


Don't worry about downtime to changeover from one type of CNC cutter to the next. Its quick and pretty simple. You'll have the next job in process in about 5 minutes.

Added Z Clearance

Get greater clearance distance on ez Router oxy-fuel and plasma CNC machines with the option of added Z axis clearance.Gain greater pickup height on wood CNC routing systems for applications that require this capability simply by requesting this additional option be included on your new machine. Keeping everything as easy as possible is what makes ez Router your key to higher profit and productivity by cutting out loss from wasted time and material.


Increasing your job prospects and precision gets easier with additional CNC software for ez Router machines.Don't forget to check out our full selection of CNC software. These are the easiest to use programs that cut your loss of time and waste for about any cutting or shaping application CNC systems are used for.

Accessory Not Found Here?

We offer a full line-up of CNC machine accessories for all types of cutters. If you're looking for a certain add-on or upgrade option and don't see it here on this page - call us now at 903-569-3190. It may not have made it onto our Accessories Page just yet.