ez Mini CNC Routers


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SKU: ez Mini

  • Minimum Width: 30 Inches
  • Maximum Width: 40 Inches
  • Minimum Length: 30 Inches
  • Maximum Length: 40 Inches


The ez Router mini CNC was designed to be the best small CNC Router on the market today. Always on Target to improve our machines, the ez Mini is now offered as a freestanding CNC machine, or a table top system. If you have a small shop, but don't want to sacrifice quality for the size, the this CNC router is the perfect choice.

Key Features

  • Extremely durable welded steel construction
  • Built with US made material
  • Dual Motor driven Y axis
  • No Assembly required
  • Precision V-Groove rails




Position Speeds (X,Y,Z): 750,750,500 IPM
Step Resolution: .0005"
Positioning Accuracy: .002"
Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .005"
Axis Drive System (X,Y) Rack & Pinion
Axis Drive System (Z): Lead Screw


ez Mini CNC Router by ez Router ~  designed to be the best small CNC Router on the market today.
The small CNC machine by ez Router is the perfect setup for hobbies, crafters and small shops.

CNC Router Accessories

*Customer must provide material and tooling. Unpackaging required.


ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.
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