Why ez Router CNC Machines?

From a hobbyist fabricating a mailbox on one of our mini CNC tabletop systems to a high production cabinet shop running around the clock shifts - ez Router has a wood CNC router machine solution for you. Processing lengths from 30" to 12', or even larger. With many standard features like 100% welded steel frame and powerful 906oz/in stepper motors this rigid machine is sure to speed up your production without hurting your budget.

ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.

High quality frames constructed with US made steel that is welded for rugged life is just part of the long lasting, precision attributes of an ez Router CNC machine.


  • Positions Speeds (X,Y,Z): 800, 800, 600 IPM
    Step Resolution: .0005"
    Positioning Accuracy: .002"
    Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .005"
    Axis Drive System (X, Y) Rack & Pinion
    Axis Drive System (Z) Rack & Pinion

Our ez Router Models

cnc router ezrouter 02
cnc router ezrouter 02Minimum Width: 48 Inches
Maximum Width: 144 Inches
Minimum Length: 48 Inches
Maximum Length: 144 Inches
* Custom Sizes Available*

With our lineup of CAD software and the powerful, yet easy to use Mach3 control software we feel that there is not an easier to operate wood CNC router on the market. Simply draw your parts, apply the toolpaths (feedrate, spindle speed, etc), and you’re ready to cut. There is also an extensive lineup of accessories that are available on the ez Router like the EZ Drill, or even make your router a plasma cutting system with our combo setup.