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  • 100% identical to our larger machines just a smaller build
  • Sacrifice space but not performance
  • Extremely durable 100% welded quality steel construction
  • All steel and aluminum is made in the US
  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Dual motor driven Y axis
  • Powerfull 906oz/in stepper motors for plenty of cutting force on the X & Y axis
  • Computer Control System (Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, and Laser Mouse Included). Computer Specs
  • Full Protective E-Chain for all cables, hoses, lines, etc.
  • Standard LPT printer port direct connection
  • Machine is fully assembled, ready to cut*

This oxy-fuel CNC cutter comes standard with Vectric's Cut2D drawing software, SheetCAM toolpathing software, and Mach3 controller software.



Cutting Size (X,Y,Z): 49" X 49" X 6"
Footprint Size (W x L): 81" x 81"
Weight: 800lbs. (363 kgs.)
Rapid Traverse Speeds: 800 ipm
Positioning Speeds (X, Y, Z): 800, 800, 600 ipm
Step Resolution: .0005"
Positioning Accuracy: .002"
Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .005"
Axis Drive System (X,Y,Z): Rack and Pinion

ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.
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Our Oxy-Fuel CNC systems are available in a range of sizes at ez Router.

Available Machine Options

NOT INCLUDED accessories and upgrades:

  • Removable Grated Steel Bed
  • Waterbed W/ Water Level Control
  • Added Z Clearence
  • EZ Drill
  • EZ Scribe
  • Warning Lights
  • EZ Pendant
  • Combo Axis
  • Optional CNC Cutter Software

CNC Machine Accessories

*Customer must provide material and tooling. Unpackaging required.