One Mean CNC Machine

The newest addition to our router CNC systems is the Scorpion. While most of it's differences are fairly obvious when compared to the standard ez Router, here's a few we'll point out. The open face/open gantry design is designed for easier material loading and unloading.

ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.

High quality frames constructed with US made steel that is welded for rugged life is just part of the long lasting, precision attributes of an ez Router CNC machine.


The 100% steel frame is also strengthened with 8" X 3" thickwall steel legs for extra support. The ball screw Z axis is also different compared to the rack and pinion drive of the ez Router, which gives the machine a higher cutting resolution.

Scorpion Applications:

  • Positioning Speeds: (X,Y,Z) 1000, 1000, 500 IPM
  • Step Resolution: .0005"
  • Positioning Accuracy: .001"
  • Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .003"
  • Axis Drive System (X,Y) Rack & Pinion
  • Axis Drive System (Z) Precision Ball Screw

Our Models

  • Minimum Width: 48"
  • Maximum Width 144"
  • Minimum Length: 48"
  • Maximum Length 144"
  • Custom Sizes Available

Key Features

  • Precision Hiwin Linear Bearings
  • Open Gantry Design
  • Highly Accurate Precision ground ball screw Z
  • E-Chain Cable carrier
  • Extremely durable welded frame
  • 1KW Servo Drive Motors on all axis
  • Dual Motor Driven Y axis
  • Lowered rails for easy loading/unloading
  • Fully enclosed frame
  • extended rails


"So far we are doing good. We really haven't pushed it to see what it is going to be capable of. I think that we have made a wise decision!" - Joe