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Easy to Comprehend Cutting

The Cut2D interface is very easy to understand. We're so impressed with the features and functions provided, along with their application to any type of material used in a cutter, you'll find this is standard on every one of ez Router's CNC machines. Cut2D CNC programming software includes the following design and machining functionality:

Boundary Creation & Vector Tools

Versatile and easy to understand - this CNC tool is a natural partner with ez Router systems.
  • Open or Import industry standard file formats DXF, EPS, AI & PDF files that contain vector data.
  • Work in Inches or Metric units
  • Fix open shapes to make them continuous and machinable profiles. This is a typical problem with many DXF designs that are constructed from separate entities.
  • Automatically identify and select duplicate shapes in a file. This is a typical problem when working with designs from older sign making packages.
  • Text entry using any True Type Fonts installed on the PC.
  • Drawing Tools for standard shapes Rectangles, Circles and Ovals with interactive sizing and positioning.
  • Scaling and Positioning interactively using the mouse or with precise typed input.
  • Quick alignment of the design inside the material block or relative to other shapes.
  • Interactive, quick and easy Node, Point and Span editing.
  • Measure distances, angles, radiuses and object properties
  • Export 2D vectors as DXF, EPS, AI for use in other software.

CNC Functionality

Multiple levels of profiling puts you in control of your cutting on ez Router CNC machine systems.
  • Profile machine around the Outside, Inside or On the selected shapes with automatic compensation for the cutter shape & diameter even when using angled engraving cutters.
  • Tabs also called Bridges can be added interactively to Profile toolpaths to ensure parts are held in place during machining. Tabs are essential when cutting parts out of sheet material.
  • Control where to start cutting and the option to ramp the cutter into the material which is very important when cutting hard materials.
  • Pocket machining with options for Offset or Raster cutting.
  • All toolpaths include the option for multiple Z passes and ramping the cutter into the material.
3D model toolpath previews shows what's removed in each toolpath.
  • 3D Solid model toolpath preview that shows what material each toolpath will remove, with options to display the preview in various material types and an optional color to indicate where material has been removed.
  • 2D Wireframe Preview of each toolpath showing cut direction that instantly shows where the cutter will machine.
  • Tool Database for quick and easy cutter selection. The Tool Database also stores your own tooling information with the cutting parameters – speeds, feed rates, tool number etc.

An excellent addition to many industries applications for CNC routing, plasma cutters and any other type of CNC machine. CNC programming software to increase profitability through more complex production without complications that create loss through waste.

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