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Partners In Excellence

Becoming a leader in your field is always a challenge. One that requires any business to constantly strive to be better than the best. It's a gauntlet we meet every day at Ez Router. We are proud to partner with RouterCAD, where state-of-the-art programming and raising the bar are as important as they are here.

These three valuable software packages from RouterCAD offer cabinet shops a step up in working smarter, not harder.

Simple & Easy Cabinet Design

Don't let that fool you though. AutoCabinets CNC Express is state-of-the-art programming. Here you have simple setup and ease of use, but it's truly a powerful cabinet design program. This affordable software package also creates g-code for your CNC router too. To increase production in your shop today, all you need is a CNC router and the AutoCabinets program.

Sound too good to be true? We would never pull your leg here at EzRouter. We're all about making your job easier and your profit level better. Take 4 minutes and check out how fast and easy your task could be at getting ready to cut out an entire set of cabinets.

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Reduce Waste & Increase Production

Cabs-To-Go Express from RouterCAD has one of the strongest nesting algorithms in the industry. This fully customizable order entry CNC program also includes g-code. For the shop already using a cabinet design program or has no need to draw them out, this is the solution for you.

You're never stuck with CNC operations setup by RouterCAD. They can be tweaked to your preferences. This program also allows the user to setup totally new CNC standards too.

Take a peek at how easy Cabs-To-Go is to use and how the program works.

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Less Steps & Huge Features

Simplify every job with powerful, feature rich RouterCAM. With things like their Automatic Tool Path, SmartCAD tools and the most advanced nesting engine on the market - you can't go wrong with this CNC software. The reduction of steps in creating g-code alone is exciting and heads above your other options.

No more manual tool path creation and all paths are created based on the drawing layers. You can also link RouterCAM to any CAD based drawing program. Watch this short video. We're sure you'll see right away how it can offer you an increase profit and productivity. If it didn't, you wouldn't find it available from EzRouter.

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