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It all began when...

The company's founder, Daniel Berry, was faced with the problem. Finding someone to cut parts and not damage the substrate presented him with quite the challenge. After a great deal of hunting for an appropriate supplier, he decided just to build his own machine. After all, building custom machines was his specialty and had been for almost 20 years. So he did just that.

In the beginning, the goal wasn't to become a CNC manufacturer. Dan and co-founder, John Johnson, went through many design revisions. Life, however, is all about the journey, and in the end, ez Router was born. Over the years that have passed, the knowledge bank and skills at ez Router has expanded with the addition of more capable minds being brought on as staff.

Today, all of the equipment in our product lineup offers our customers a well built and streamlined CNC machine that is affordable, as well as dependable. For the past 3 years, ez Router has doubled production annually. We are continually adding a wider variety and different formats of CNC router and plasma cutting machines.

Our Mission

At ez Router our aim is to offer a highly robust, yet affordable CNC ez Router CNC machines are designed with the American company in mind with high quality parts, engineering and economy of precision.machine for any application.

We use only steel and aluminum that is manufactured here in America. Our CNC machines are also made here in the States.

Not finding what you had in mind?

No problem! If the CNC router or plasma CNC cutting system you need isn't on our website - we'll make it for you. Our CNC manufacturing company isn't just a factory. ez Router builds custom machinery too. Just give us a call at (903) 569-3190. Explain what your needs are and we can work with you in getting the perfect cutting system in your shop really soon.