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CNC Router adding value to recycled materials!

Kevin Edwards is using the old to make the new. In his shop, Wood Experimental in Frisco Texas he is taking discarded solid core doors and using his ezRouter CNC Router to change them into tables that are beautifulcnc routed table top e and artistic.

With the demand for more and more Green products, Kevin is making good use of materials that would end up in the landfill otherwise. Made in Texas, Made in the USA!By using the reclaimed doors he is saving the energy, trees and water that were used in the initial processing and giving them new life for years to come.

We love the work he is doing and Kevin was gracious enough to send us some pictures along with descriptions and we wanted to share some of them with you.

First a bit about Kevin's CNC Router and shop setup:


 CNC Router setup at Wood Experimental

 Kevin purchased the 4' X 8' ezRouter back in September of 2012 with the vacuum bed and 3KW HSD Spindle.

He used some of the reclaimed doors that were not suitable for projects and attached them to the studs in the wall and built out a hutch for the computers, dust collection closet, "tables-in-progress" storage and a big shelf area overhead for random tools and whatnot.

CNC Router and Shop SetupCNC Router Dust Colection



Here are a few of the tables that Kevin has made from the recycled doors.

Red Oak Trimmed Conference Table

Reclaimed Wood Door Conference Table

Red Oak Trim Recycled Door TableReclaimed Wood Door Conference Table

Kevin was commissioned to make this conference table for a company in Oklahoma.  It's made from a reclaimed solid-core door with a Red Oak border and mahogany inlay.  For the legs he machined some 2x4's down to size and glued a strip of Red Oak in between to match the border.


Resin Inlay Tables

Pedestal Table with Weighted BaseThis table was a solid-core door that Kevin engraved and did a glitter/resin fill.  
The pedestal base was made primarily of scrap plywood from another job.  
The base is pocketed out and filled with concrete,
and capped off with the large black disk on bottom.  
The edge banding was done with fiberglass resin.

  Reclaimed Wood Door Table Top Inlayed with Resin Glitter MixtureOne of many reclaimed doors that he converted into a table. 
This one was engraved then filled in with a resin and glitter
mixture and finished with polycrylic.




Engraved End TablesEnd Tables engraved and cut out with ezRouter CNC Router from reclaimed doors.





cnc routed table top from reclaimed wood door

Table Top from reclaimed door with fiberglass resin edging.







 Here is a table Kevin is working on made from new materials.

ezRouter cutting a Table Top from clued up wood pieces.


ezRouter Table Top ready to be finished and assembled


Round Table Top cut on ezRouter CNC machine.Round Table Top cut on ezRouter CNC machine.



If you would like to see more of what Kevin is doing at Wood Experimental or need a new table you can follow him on Facebook here: