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CNC Router adding value to recycled materials!

Kevin Edwards is using the old to make the new. In his shop, Wood Experimental in Frisco Texas he is taking discarded solid core doors and using his ezRouter CNC Router to change them into tables that are beautifulcnc routed table top e and artistic.

With the demand for more and more Green products, Kevin is making good use of materials that would end up in the landfill otherwise. Made in Texas, Made in the USA!By using the reclaimed doors he is saving the energy, trees and water that were used in the initial processing and giving them new life for years to come.

We love the work he is doing and Kevin was gracious enough to send us some pictures along with descriptions and we wanted to share some of them with you.

First a bit about Kevin's CNC Router and shop setup:

ezRouter CNC Router News April 17th, 2014............

Never Used a CNC Router Before?
It was no problem for these guys.........


Wesley Scott the Sales Manager at Archways & Ceilings in Grand Prairie, TX sent us some photos of the first project they did with their new 4'x10' ezRouter CNC router with a 3KW HSD Spindle and vacuum bed.cnc router arcade desk

This is the email we received from Scott.


We have never operated a CNC Router before so this is our first go at it. We decided the only way we were going to learn was by doing. So first thing first, we noticed that the Ez Router needed a desk to house the computer and to work from. We then decided on a retro arcade style desk and the rest was easy. We designed all the parts of the desk in sketchup and then imported them into VCarve. This allowed us to learn and get better acquainted with the Vcarve program. Every piece of the desk came off the EZ Router. It was a great project to learn the capabilities of the EZ Router and we are very pleased with our investment. We have been having way too much fun with it.”

 Click Here For More Pictures

More about this CNC Router:

cnc router arcade desk router 
cnc router arcade desk top sign

 News February 19th........

ezPlasma XT Rail CNC Plasma Cutter using Hypertherm True Hole Technology

ezPlasma XT Rail CNC Cutter

ezPlasma Rolls out the new XT Rail System. This machine features the following: 

  • I-Beam Construction
  • Steel Bridge Gantry
  • High Powered Servo Motors
  • Dual Drive 
  • Heat Treated Vacuum Hardened V-Groove Linear guide rails. 
  • Steel Pinion Gears
  • 1500 IPM Traverse Speed
We are True Hole Approved!
More Info: ezPlasma XT Rail CNC Plasma Cutter
Integrated Plasma Cutting Solutions
Hypertherm Tru Hole Chart


  • Virtual elimination of hole taper
  • Ding and divot is reduced and biased to the outside of the hole. 
  • Delivers true "bolt-quality" holes. 
  • Narrows the gap with laser hole quality. 
  • Hole quality is delivered automatically without operator intervention. 
ezPlasma CNC Cutter Logo

Making it easy to consistently optimize performance

  • Dramatic improvement in hole quality
  • Up to a 100% increase in productivity through cut/cut cycle time reductions
  • Achieve optimal consumable life without operator adjustment. 
  • Remote help makes it easy for OEMs to access the system within seconds via the internet to provide process support and/or troubleshoot the systems. 
  • Built in Hypertherm process expertise makes it easy to: 
  • Train new operators to cut like a pro within minutes
  • Maintain more consistent performance; operators-to-operator, shift-to-shift and site-to-site. 

How Hypertherm True Hole Technology Works

Tru Hole Hypertherm ezPlasma CNC
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Ez Router and Ez Plasma News January 28th, 2014............


CNC Routers from Ez Router Working Hard in 2014........

One of our newest EZ Router customers from Frisco, Texas, is showcasing some of his work.
Using his new 4'x4' ez-Router CNC Router machine. This is one of our standard tables from our large line up of CNC machines, budget friendly, and gets the job done just like the bigger machines.

Check Out the Video:

 Ez Router 4'x4' CNC Router


More about this CNC Router:

Ez Router made in the USA.......