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High Speed Machining Needs

The CNC routing equipment and cutting products you find at ez Router are all about quality of cut and easy efficiency. We offer a wide variety of CNC cutting and drilling tools. From our selection, you'll find we have just the right carbide end mills, roughers, and finishers for your next project.

PCD Cutting Tools

From unique to high quality production bits, ez Router has all your CNC routing needs covered.For high end work, close tolerances and big productivity the CNC routing bits and cutters from ez Router give you all of that plus a long tooling life. Whether your task and application requires the cutting and drilling of:

  • Natural woods
  • Man-made wood composites
  • Metal
  • Coated end mills
  • Plastics

ez Router has the solutions you seek for quality, reliability and innovations or advanced technology. For all your CNC router applications, we'll have the perfect tools and professional application knowledge to make it all come together for you... easily.

CNC Sawblades

Natural wood, composites, plastics and more; the right CNC tooling for the job is found at ez Router.You can't beat the precision and speed of ripping or crosscutting both hard and soft woods using a CNC router. This more unusual CNC tooling also works on plywood, melamine, laminates and non-ferrous metals, but these materials are more challenging to get the right cutting blade.

ez Router has an array of uniquely engineered and developed blades tthat today's progressive machines and companies need to increase productivity and profitability.

Our line of CNC machine saw blades are vary from 8" to 15" with 18 - 120 teeth that are available in a number of different teeth patterns designed for premium cutting speeds and top notch performance.

Aerospace Industries

Machining for today's air craft calls for specialty precision CNC cutters, all of which are available from ez Router.The use of CNC routers has grown by leaps and bounds in the manufacturing of parts for aerospace projects in recent years. For our customer's whose work is within these industries, we carry specially designed and created cutting tools for machining aircraft materials. Everything from abrasive composites and honeycomb material, to the softest aluminum or hardest exotic alloys is never a bit and tooling dilemma when you're working with ez Router.

CNC Tooling Accessories

Getting the right setup for speed, accuracy and profits sometimes requires more than CNC bits.When it comes to meeting our customer's cutting tool solutions, like everything else at ez Router, you'll find your options are outstanding top performers. Besides bits, saw blades and cutting heads, many times your CNC routing needs will also include:

  • Tool holders
  • Collets and collet nuts
  • Wrenches
  • Pre-set gauges
  • Tightening stands

For any tooling accessories designed to improve your precision and productivity on CNC routers, you can count on us to have a proven solution that saves you time and money.


Diamond Drilling Tools

Precision and high speed productivity with long tool life from CNC router bits at ez Router.For jobs and projects with the most demanding sizing on holes, we have an excellent selection of high speed drilling options:

  • Diamond drill bits
  • HSS drill bits
  • Carbide-tipped drill bits
  • Solid carbide drill bits

No matter what you're application is, ez Router offers you tooling that meets the needs of industry finish requirements in the drilling of man-made woods, composite materials, metals and plastics using CNC router production methods. Made in the USA, the CNC drill bits procured from ez Router guarantee you'll have the most effective combinations of tool design, material and coating to deliver exceptional performance and long tool life.

We have a full line of high speed CNC router drill bits for applications on composites, plastics, titanium, aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Our HSS drill bits are specifically designed for drilling both hard and soft plastics due to their special geometric points. The unique shape gives you gradual material penetration for faster, cleaner holes and no materials wrapping around the tool body.


Locating Just What You Need Is Easy

Call 903-569-3190 - we'll match the bits and tooling to your task.