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ezRouter Cutting 3D

Standard ez Router with a 3.25 horsepower Porter Cable Router comes fully assembled even with software. Many sizes available.


ez Plasma System Cutting Aluminum

ez Router's 4' X 8' ez Plasma CNC Cutting System in action. It isn't just the programming that give you easy cutting precision, the sturdiness of the frame is crucial.


Scorpion Router - Dry Run

Speed and action CNC routing machine. Our Scorpion line of CNC routers are capable of cutting speeds of over 1500 inches per minute.


One Mean CNC Routing Machine

Watch the Scorpion Router cutting at an incredible 2000 inches per minute.


Our Oxy-Fuel / Plasma Combo System

This is our 5' x 10' ez Router combo CNC cutting system in action on a 4' x 8' sheet of 2 inch thick steel.


Scorpion ATC CNC Router

ez Router Scoprion Automatic Tool Changer with vacuum hold down. Capable of cutting speeds in excess of 1500 inches per minute. Manual tool change also available.


Langley Metal Works

One of our customers using their ez Router machine in their shop to create craft products for boutique and craft owners, large gates and overhead entrances.


You Gotta Get One of These

Totally impromptu, we found this on YouTube. This guy is so pleased, he's invited the world to give him a call and he'll tell them all about our machines. A pleased customer is always your best reference.

A Man and His CNC Machine

Not only is it obvious that this customer is having a grand time with his ez Router CNC machine, he makes one heck of a good looking rocking chair. While we enjoyed his entire video, we especially like the final frame.

300 Inches Per Minute

ez Router 4' x 4' CNC router in action at a customer's sign shop. He's mighty impressed with his cutting speed.


Cutting Broiler Plates

Watch our ez Plasma fast at work in a customer's shop. Not only are they shooting video of their new plasma cutter in action, there's also someone photographing it too. Nope, they're not impressed at all.

Our 4th Axis Spindle Indexing

Watch how smooth ez Router's 4th axis option for spindle indexing moves in this short clip of one going through the motions.